Bee Removal

Safely remove that swarm!

If you have just found a large swarm of honey-bees just hanging out on your property someplace, give us a call. We will come and remove them for free. Please see below for the areas that we cover and contact information.

We also have years of experience removing and relocating bees from buildings, trees and other odd places. Most of our work is done, weather permitting, on the same day. We remove the colony and the bees and leave it cleaned up and ready for your contractor to repair and bee proof. Our base price starts at $375 for the honeybee colony removal and will vary on location and the height.

If you have a bee tree that has established itself in your yard or that has come down during a storm, we are able to relocate these colonies as well. In cases that the tree needs to be taken down, we work with several different contractors to make sure that it comes down safely.

Honeybees are valuable pollinators. Since the 1980s there has been a large decline of feral colonies due to newly introduced diseases.  We relocate all colonies into special apiaries as these colonies are valuable to help us breed stronger and healthier bees that will thrive in Northern Illinois for years to come.

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