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Willie’s Honey Company is a small business located Northern in Illinois in the Lake/Mchenry counties area. We strive to provide high quality hive products, bees, and learning opportunities at an affordable price.

With nearly two decades of experience, we offer a variety of others services including tax assessments, bee removal, pollination services, and consulting. All of our hive products are 100% natural, unpasteurized, and local.   

I believe that all agricultural practices should leave the land and the animals better than it started out. Following this train of thought, we don’t use any strong chemical treatments on our hives and our bees are selected from winter hardy and disease resistant survivor stock. Many of our hives and components are built from reclaimed lumber, paint, and nails.

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and all of our lives. All swarm and structure removal of honeybees are live capture and re-located to our apiaries. Many of these feral bees become an important part in our program to breed hardy bees for our area. We are proud members of the Illinois Queen Initiative (IQI) and are working hard to breed local bees that thrive in Northern Illinois.

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